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Clara’s 16 Birthday!

15.03.2012 Clarcia┬áis 16 ! There was a birthday cake, guests, fun and presents ­čÖé EC Clara Retman DM our persian harlequine is doing very well as for her age. Many┬áyears┬áin good health┬áClarka!

Happy Birthday!!!

We’ve been┬ácelebrating our cats and dog birthdays recenly: 08.11.2011 Piramida is 2 years old 09.11.2011 K-dwojka is 11 10.11.2011 Shiela is 13! 22.10.2011 Rufi is 5 years old! We┬átook her┬áfor an extraordinary forest walk with this occasion. Capri accompany us too ­čÖé

Clara is 13 today

15.03.2009 It is Clara’s birthday today! It’s impossible that our little girl is 13 already ­čÖé Good luck Clara!

Ama’s&Ivenia’s birthdays

15.06.2008 Amcia is 16 today! 24.06.2008 14th years old Ivetka is basking in the sun on her birthday!

Clara is 12!

15.03.2008 Clara is 12 today! There are new photos is Clara’s gallery.

Ivetka’s birthday

24.06.2007 We are celebrating Ivetka’s 13th birthday today! We wish you all the best!!!

Ama’s 15th Birthday

15.06.2007 Ama is celebrating 15th birthday today!!! Despite of her hoary age she is healthy and strong. Ama still plays like a kitten, particularly she loves to chase a neck chain or a strap. Happy Birthday!!!

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