Eurogroom 2012

14.04.2012 Rufi at Eurogroom 2012!!!

Our English lady Blue Baltic’s Heavenly Legend was invited to the dog grooming contest.
Violetta Rachwalska with Rufi had been particpiating in this event for the second time.
I would never suspect our setter for such patience. Two hours long standing on the table where there are so many nice dogs to meet and visitors to velcome. Violetta can make miracles!!!

The couple defended the result from the last Eurogroom getting second place in expert class of sporting dogs category!
First place and ticket to United States to the famous Groom Expo 2012 won Karolina Kraśnicka.

Congratulations and huge thanks !!!
Rufi looks fabulous and our friends from the walking paths ask us if it’s the same dog 🙂

More at, pictures soon.

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