Hunting Test Czerniejewo

Those were last trials in this season and last chance for us. Rufi officialy proved her hunting abilities and got II degree diploma with 13 place in the middle of the group results! Personally I was delighted with 3 out of 4 points for obiedence, Agnieszka will be proud of us 馃槈
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Surroundings of XVII century palace were full of animals. We discovered that during a morning walk. Weather was nice. Olga together with dad and granddad went for a walk in the park and聽me with Rufi聽to work! Rufi was a bit anxcious at the聽beginning that her pack spread out but soon was occupied by a company of new friends. Setters were a big group of all entries: 5 English, 4 Irish and 2 Gordons. Later an English girl gained the first place with the maximum points, bravo Ochra!

I handled Rufi myself. There were two difficulties for me: made Rufi to go in water – a dog has to swim 5-6 meters (4 points) or at least dip in water up to half flanks (1 point) and obedience – 10 minutes to call back a dog who is running free in open field with birds, sometimes hares or other animals.
The examination began with reaction on shooting. No problem, Rufi run towards looking were is a duck? We could continue the test.聽 Then competitors were divided. We went swimming, the other part聽worked on the field. Water looked good. Overgrown bit smelly, not so much as “smelly pound” in our forest but worth getting into for Rufi 馃槈 She got 2 out of 4 points. Then we had to wait quite a long time. We used聽it on chatting and playing on a beetroot field.聽聽 Finally it was our turn to go on field. Rufi turned on “working gear” and soon found not only “her” partridge but also extra one hiding in a ditch. After a nice point it was just time to go get聽the dog and take a valuation card.
Diplomas were given out solemn at the courtyard of the Partridge House.

Full results based on

Andrzej Mania – President of Polish Kennel Club
Marta Kapelska
Andrzej Brabletz – President of Polish Pointing Dog’s Club
Marian Koperski

1. Silvanus OCHRA OXANA – English Setter-I degree diploma 100 points
2. Scolopax Amico BLACK – Pointer-I degree diploma 96 points
3. TEDDY z Vosahlove Dvora – German Wire-haired Pointing Dog-I degree diploma 90 points
4. TREFF My艣liwski Tabor -German Short-haired Pointing Dog-I degree diploma 90 points
5. GABY LOUP GRIS de la Cour – German Short-haired Pointing Dog-I degree diploma 87 points
6. AMAR z Ta艂chej贸w – Hungarian Vizsla short-haired-I degree diploma 87 points
7. PRYMA A-Awa – Weimaraner Shorthaired-I degree diploma 83 points
8. MAUZER Rawicka Sfora – Cesky Fousek-I degree diploma 82 points
9. AMADEUSZ East Point – German Short-haired Pointing Dog-I degree diploma 82 points
10.Mr.PRESIDENT Imperium Star – Short-haired Weimaraner-II degree diploma 84 points
11.Meldor-Sett CELTIC MOONLIGHT – Irish Setter-II degree diplomaa 81 points
12.COSMO Bo偶ecki B贸r -wy偶el w臋gierski kr贸tkow艂osy-II degree diploma 78 points
13.Blue Baltic’s HEAVENLY LEGEND – English Seter-II degree diploma 71 points
14.ARCO Good Dog – Short-haired Weimaraner-III degree diploma 81 points
15.ZACHAR ze Snu Nemroda – German Short-haired Pointing Dog-III degree diploma 80 punkt贸w
16.ARKAN od Mutra – German Wire-haired Pointing Dog-III degree diploma 76 points
17.QUITE A STAR Venatrisett – English Setter-III degree diploma 72 points
18.BOSS Sokoli Pielesz – German Long-haired Pointing Dog-III degree diploma 72 points
19.IMBIR Silver Princess – Short-haired Weimaraner-III degree diploma 72 points
20.CON AMORE Magenta-In-Blue – English Setter-III degree diploma 68 points
21.KASTA Dragonesti – Gordon Setter-III degree diploma 65 points

Without a diploma:
AVANTI Rysi Wykrot -Irish Setter
SZANTA Syndykat Wielokropk贸w -English Setter
GRIN Czarno Rude Pi臋kno艣ci -Gordon Setter
MOZART Rawicka Sfora -Cesky Fousek
CORAL CARET All About Arina And B’Doll -Irish Setter
CAVIAR CAYENNA All About Arina And B’Doll -Irish Setter


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